A meme-hijacking campaign that, for the first time, sets out to end a hashtag
rather than promote it. For the anthem commercial, we gathered various
"first world problem" tweets and then approached people in Haiti to recite them.
So far, it's reached over 2 million cumulative views and counting.

Featured In:
CNN, TIME, BBC, MTV, Business Insider, Fast Company, BuzzFeed,
AdWeek, AdAge, Creativity, Best Ads on TV, Mashable, Contagious,

Perhaps even more affecting is the campaign's series of personalized responses,
in which various Haitians console those who have used the hashtag on Twitter.
The responses were delivered by Water is Life as well as a number of celebrities
like LMFAO, Christina Millian, Michael Ian Black and Others.


Tweet: "My son got the wrong toy in his happy meal. #FirstWorldProblems"

Tweet: "I hate waiting a full six months before the dentist will clean my teeth again. #FirstWorldProblems"

Tweet: "I accidentally cut my grapefruit on the wrong axis. #FirstWorldProblems"

Tweet: "Sat in the front row of a movie theater and now my neck is sore. #FirstWorldProblems"